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Single Buoy Moorings

Water-jetting for surface prep, with Alocit coating on wet surfaces immediately after saves money.

Bund Areas

Porous bund walls could require reconstruction - but using Alocit on to oil-soaked walls is no problem.

Sweating Pipes

Cold pipes in a warm humid atmosphere under Malaysia’s famous Petronas Twin Towers.

Steel Refurbishment

Old Victorian infrastructure rusting in a moist atmosphere, constantly at dewpoint.

Pictured right: A diver applies Alocit in the splash zone to the legs of a gas platform


Alocit is ideal as a primer on problem substrates as well as a very hard coat

Rail Bridge in Winter

Steel beams on a rail bridge needed coating - but it was too wet and cold for other coatings

Bilge Areas

Application on the USS Detroit “performing flawlessly”. NAVSEA commissioned report.

Waste Water

First applied in the Sixties - thirty years later the original coating is still in excellent condition.


Alocit application in the splash zone on a gas platform in an environmentally sensitive area.


An application in a damp and dirty Swiss rail tunnel uses Alocit to coat over oily concrete.

Pile Coating

From New York Harbour to Taiwan, Alocit has proved its durability and ease of use.

Green and wet concrete

Normally, a high moisture content in concrete can cause delays - but not if you use Alocit.

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