Group Philosophy

The environmentally-friendly characteristics of A&E Group products, their ease of use and durability in service have been key factors in winning acceptance from a market that is increasingly aware of its responsibility to the environment. The Group’s philosophy is to provide the most cost-effective products without compromising on quality or performance but always with a view to the future, minimising the impact of infrastructure protection on the environment.

Key Elements

Three key elements in the Group’s drive to lower the impact of its products have been:

In use, the Group’s products have a minimal impact on the environment. The Enviropeel thermoplastic system uses a non-toxic, VOC-free, reusable and recyclable material that produces no waste and, over the past ten years, it has created new opportunities for the protection and preservation of industrial infrastructure both offshore and onshore.

The Group’s Alocit system lasts up to thirty years and is 100% solids, with no harmful solvents released into the atmosphere during application. While the unmixed resin and hardener must be controlled to prevent accidental release, once mixed and cured they are completely inert and can be safely exposed to the most sensitive environments. Alocit is certified to BS 6920 for non-toxicity.

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