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LPG Carriers

LPG Carriers have kilometres of pipe and flanges, all subject to a tough marine environment

Enviropeel in the North Sea

7000 flanges in 10 weeks, a study of a North Sea application project.

Enviropeel in Australia

The remarkable development of Enviropeel as a cost-saving tool for the Australian mining industry.


When you are not using plant or equipment, they may be more vulnerable than when in use.

Gas Pipelines

Gas pipelines for power generation were refurbished using Alocit and Enviropeel.

Enviropeel Offshore

A typical platform has thousands of flanges, they are the building blocks of the production system connecting all the pipework and valves and their integrity is vital to production and safety.

US Mining Industry

Repeating its success in Australia, Enviropeel creates great cost savings for US mining companies.

Long-term Corrosion

Safely extending the useful life of offshore structures is a cost-effective use of Enviropeel.

Dubai Dry Docks

Valves and flanges exposed to a warm, wet marine environment in pits needed Enviropeel.

Bolt Protection in Malaysia

The Malaysian power industry has many vital installations, this study looks at an Enviropeel project.

US Coastguard

A brief background and case history of Enviropeel applications for the US Coastguard.

Wellheads in the desert

You may not see as much corrosion in the desert but sand and dust can be a problem too.

Ageing Infrastructure

Many assets are needed long after their design lifetimes - what can you do if they look like this?

Wharf Crane Protection

A&E personnel needed a head for heights in this unusual Australian project. Enviropeel provides extra safety as well as corrosion protection.

Power Supply Infrastructure

Switchgear and other vital national assets need protection from ingress and corrosion.

Managing External Corrosion

Enviropeel has a vital role to play in preserving safety through structural integrity.

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