There’s no point putting equipment into storage or on standby if, when you need it, it cannot be used. This may just be an inconvenience if the component or machine is not vital to your operation, but it could be disastrous if essential equipment is not available when required.

Machinery can be idle from intermittent use, standby (redundancy), storage for spare parts, or for temporary decommissioning. Making sure it remains fit for purpose must be an essential part of any planning procedure.

Enviropeel provides an active barrier coating that ensures vulnerable machinery and components will always be ready for use. It is strippable, re-usable and non-hazardous.

On stored equipment, before using Enviropeel protection, 44% of all re-engineered conveyor components for one of the world’s leading mining companies had to be repaired before they could be installed.

After using Enviropeel the rate dropped to zero!

On the same equipment, replacement rates in use were as high as every nine months but, since using Enviropeel, more than four years have passed without a single failure.

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